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This pack contains 21 profiles of THE lead specimen of an Overdrive Special. This is a custom Overdrive Special that I designed for someone who wanted a midpoint between the LC and RF style circuits. It is a more pushed front end of an amplifier and leans closer to the LC thing than 102. This is an absolute monster of overdriven tones due to its thicker preamp structure. It is much thicker and even the cleans love lead work that is right on the edge of breakup. It is a very sponge-y and extremely responsive amplifier with a little more beef than the 102-style. This style D amp is notoriously great for the lead tones that come from cranking the input of the amplifier as well as the famed overdrive channel. This pack contains both overdriven styles, and they are beautfiul. This amp is also outfit  with the DEEP switch instead of the MID switch. This pack comes with some standard D settings as some more refined tones.


This is a monstrous lead pack with tons of susatain!!


M = Mid switch

D = Deep switch
B = Bright switch


P/PAB = Preamp Bypass

OD = Overdrive


ODA = Overdrive from pushing the input


ODB = Overdrive from the overdrive channel

BM - Blues Master

102 - The famous D layout

Start = The standard D-Style startup settings of tone pots at 11 o’clock and volume at 1 o’clock

1 = TR Style g12-65 speaker

2 = F Style Cab

Overdrive Special - SLAYER Circuit - KEMPER

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